« François Chartier is a prestigious sommelier who is a specialist in food and wine combinations. He has written 15 books on gastronomy and was an advisor to Ferrán Adriá in the preparation of the dishes for the last year at elBulli. In the documentary Mixeurs he is unequivocal in stating that Manzanilla Papirusa is the perfect wine for food pairings and in his bestselling Taste buds and Molecules, which won the World Cookbook Award, he dedicates a large section to Sherry.  » Le vin du Xérès » (Sherry) is widely featured in this fascinating work, in which the author offers a detailed explanation of his internationally renowned theory, developed after 20 years of research, which suggests that by analysing the molecular composition of food and wine, we can associate or link, in terms of flavour and taste, those which have similar aromatic molecule patterns so as to attain perfect pairings.
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