• François Chartier, top world expert on food and wine pairing, officially presented his molecular study showing that Cava is unique, and that it combines to perfection with an infinite number of flavours from all around the world.
  • François Chartier has carried out a scientific organoleptic study of the aromas of different types of Cava and has created a World Food Map, relating each variety of Cava to national and international ingredients and dishes, both from the Mediterranean diet and also from the cuisines of Japan, Peru, Mexico and the USA.

Barcelona, February 5th 2020.
DO Cava and the prestigious Canadian sommelier François Chartier have been the main attraction at Barcelona Wine Week (BWW), which is taking place at the Montjuïc trade fair centre in Barcelona until today. Chartier gave a talk in which he presented the ambitious, pioneering study « Cava, universal harmony » together with the President of DO Cava, Javier Pagés.
Endorsed by his outstanding career in gastronomic science, François Chartier presented the conclusions of this scientific organoleptic study carried out ad hoc for DO Cava, based on the dominant molecules (the aromas) of four types of Cava, differentiated by their ageing: Traditional Cava (more than nine months), Reserva (more than 15 months), Gran Reserva (more than 30 months) and Paraje Calificado or Qualified Single Estate (more than 36 months).
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was carried out to determine these molecules and the results were related to different ingredients and foods taken from five of the world’s foremost cuisines, all of them a focus for Cava and sharing the same elements, to come up with perfect gastronomic harmonies. In the case of Paraje Calificado Cava, for instance, one of the predominant molecules is benzenemethanethiol. This molecule, which smells of cooked apples, among other aromas, is also present in other products such as dried apricots, cinnamon, mushrooms, cloves, walnuts and vanilla.
This comprehensive, high level collaboration has been undertaken by DO Cava in order to raise awareness of the virtues of Cava among both professionals and consumers, aiming to endorse its quality as a sparkling wine capable of being paired with a large number of ingredients and recipe from all over the world. Through this study, DO Cava has proved that Cava is highly suitable as an accompaniment for any dish, enhancing the quality of every gastronomic experience.
After this inaugural lecture in Barcelona, François Chartier will go on an international tour to present the virtues and versatility of Cava around the world.
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