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01 Sep 2023 -

Watching the Moon

The first porcelain SAKE #DECANTER designed for “sake crafted for wine lovers”

07 Jun 2022 -

A meeting of Master blenders

Wine maker & port master blender Dirk NIEPOORT collaborates with François CHARTIER on exclusive new Japanese Sake at TANAKA 1789 X CHARTIER

07 Jan 2021 -

Interview “Inspiring people” by Jean Leon

Part of a web series on “inspiring people” set up on the blog of the Jean Leon wine brand, François Chartier shares his vision of life, his work, his passion and his mysteries.

29 Oct 2020 -

Cava – the search for the perfect pairing

It is said that 80% of the flavours that we taste come from our sense of smell. In fact, the truth is even more extreme: most of what we term flavour is not connected with our sense of taste itself at all, but instead with our olfactory perception.

21 Feb 2020 - ,

Pure Creativity

As an advisor to the elBulli team, this “Createur d’harmonies” who crafted his own brand of European wines designed for food matching was recently invited to elaborate a new range of sake products in Japan.

05 Apr 2019 -

A glass of sherry with Einstein?

François Chartier talks about is passion for sherry wines, live from Jerez! and he’s waiting for you on the 28th and 29th of May at the Copa de Jerez

26 Mar 2019 -

Sony Corporation and François Chartier present the project “Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Cooking”

Invited by Sony Corporation Japan in Austin-Texas, at the South by South West festival, the Canadian Créateur d’harmonies François Chartier presented, on March 9th, his science of harmonies and molecular sommellerie, and discussed Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Cooking with the two great scientists from Sony Corporation, Mr Masahiro Fujita and Mr Michael Spranger.

05 Jul 2018 -

Sí, unos macarrones con café

Le projet de visites aromatiques, “Sentir Pour Voir Picasso”, créé par Francois Chartier (avec la collaboration de SONY Aromastic de Tokyo), pour le Musée Picasso à Barcelone, projet que le Créateur d’harmonies québécois a aussi fait évolué en un menu 10 services inspirés par cette fresque olfactive picasienne, présenté à Barcelone au restaurant étoilé Caelis, et commenté une fois de plus dans la presse espagnole, cette fois par le plus renommé des journalistes gastronomiques catalans

26 Jun 2018 -

“SMELL TO SEE PICASSO” by François Chartier

The Canadian “Créateur d’Harmonies” François Chartier has been mandated by the Director of the famous Picasso museum of Barcelona to create an aromatic sensory journey, inspired by 10 works (sculptures and paintings) of Picasso, selected by Chartier.

01 Feb 2018 -

Pushing The Boundaries of Chocolate Pairing

The Cacao Collective event organised by Cacao Barry in London, at the London Edition Hotel gathered 40 Chefs from prestigious venues in London and further afield, on Monday 29th of January 2018. Inspiration and pushing the boundaries of taste were the key words of this evening brightened up by two masters in this domain; Francois Chartier :Best Sommelier of the World in 1994 and author of award winning books, and Andres Lara: Cacao Barry Chef renowned for his worldwide experience including some iconic venues such as El Bulli or Noma, to name just a few.

11 Jul 2017 -


In Spain further still, Groupo Nomo – comprised of 7 restaurants – celebrated its 10th anniversary by pairing four wines from Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies with dishes created with François Chartier and chef Naoyuki Haginoya. The collaboration occurred in Barcelona on April 3rd during a media event, which Chartier animated in Spanish.

11 Jun 2017 -


In recent months, François Chartier has conducted aromatic research on 28 chocolates from reputed chocolatier Cacao Barry. Results will be revealed to pastry chefs and chocolate makers in some 50 countries. François also delivered two master workshops: one at Relais Desserts, an association of great pastry chefs including Pierre Hermé and Yves Thuriès, in Yssingeaux, […]


Now distributed in Spain: Success!

In December 2016, Barcelona’s Spanish wine club and distributor Wine Is Social successfully imported four wines produced by Chartier. The wines, available in Quebec’s SAQ since the fall of 2013, include Ribera Del Duero 2015, Rueda 2016, le Côtes-du-Rhône 2012 and Le Blanc Pays d’Oc 2014).

15 Aug 2016 -

Quebec sommelier brings science to his wine and food pairings

(THE GLOBE AND MAIL) Raise a glass to François Chartier, a Quebec wine expert who has authored one of the world’s best cookbooks. And that’s official. Chartier took a top prize at the 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, an international competition known as the Oscars of cookbooks, which took place in China last May.

27 Aug 2015 -

A fourth Chartier wine added to the Vins Harmonie range at IGA: L’Épicé Noir, a Spanish red that will woo everyone!

Following the undeniable success of the first three wines in François Chartier’s Vins Harmonie range, the “Créateur d’harmonies” is delighted to introduce a fourth wine to their range: L’Épicé Noir, a Spanish red wine made from very old vines, between 45 and 65 years old, from Campo de Borja D.O.. It is a most aromatic, ample, juicy, one might even say plump, with blended tannins but devoid of woody notes and chock-full of red fruit and spices. It is available exclusively at IGA stores in Québec starting August 27, 2015.

06 Jul 2015 -

Décès de Juli Soler, fondateur et copropriétaire du restaurant elBulli

Triste nouvelle en ce matin du 6 juillet 2015: Juli Soler, fondateur et copropriétaire — avec le chef Ferran Adria —, du mythique restaurant catalan elBulli, et littéralement l’âme d’elBulli, est décédé des suites d’une fulgurante maladie neurodégénérative. Il laisse dans le deuil son épouse et ses deux enfants, à qui je communique mes plus sincères condoléances.

27 Mar 2015 -

Making sense of smell: Le Nez’s goal remains elusive (in Montreal Gazette)

Quebec director Kim Nguyen takes a sharp left turn, following up his Oscar-nominated 2012 film Rebelle with Le nez (The Empire of Scents), a meandering documentary on our sense of smell – inspired by Quebec wine expert François Chartier’s book Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food and Wine.

25 Mar 2015 -

The Empire of Scents, inspired by the book Taste Buds and Molecules arrives in theaters in Québec and all around the world.

Inspired by François Chartier’s ground breaking book Taste Buds and Molecules – The Art and Science of Food with Wine, the documentary film directed by Kim Nguyen – who earned a nomination in the Best Foreign Movie category at the 2013 Oscars for his movie Rebelle – takes us on a fascinating journey around the globe in a quest to understand aromas and our relationship with them. The movie will shown in the following Québec theaters starting March 27: Cinéma Beaubien in Montréal ; Station Vu (8075 Rue Hochelaga #201, Montréal) ; Cinéma Le Clap, Québec City. More theaters will be added in April.

24 Mar 2015 -

A fascinating read into the world of food and wine.

Taste Buds and Molecules by Quebecois sommelier Francois Chartier is a fascinating read into the world of food and wine matching based on molecular compounds and their aromas rather than the tried and true method of pairings based on contrasts, complements, and regionality.

08 Mar 2015 -

The Three Finalists of the Great Chef Ribera Del Duero Chartier and Cacao Barry

It is with great excitement that François Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies» and Cacao Barry announce the names of the three chefs who have earned a spot in the finals of the very first edition of THE GREAT CHEF CHALLENGE RIBERA DEL DUERO CHARTIER AND CACAO BARRY that will take place before a live audience on Sunday, March 15th, 2015, at 2 p.m., at the Salon International des Vins et Spiritueux de Québec.

22 Jan 2015 -

60 Chefs Have Registered to the Great Chef Challenge Ribera del Duero Chartier and Cacao Barry

Last December, François Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies» and the chocolate company Cacao Barry announced the first edition of a culinary creation competition opened to all chefs and professional cooks of Québec where contestants face the challenge of creating savoury recipes inspired by the pairing of chocolate and wine. The promoters are very pleased to announce that no less than sixty chefs have accepted the challenge!

16 Dec 2014 -

“The Maestro of Aromas” Interview from Lustau Almacenista Sherry Club Newsletter

“François Chartier is a prestigious sommelier who is a specialist in food and wine combinations. He has written 15 books on gastronomy and was an advisor to Ferrán Adriá in the preparation of the dishes for the last year at elBulli. In the documentary Mixeurs he is unequivocal in stating that Manzanilla Papirusa is the perfect wine for food pairings and in his bestselling Taste buds and Molecules, which won the World Cookbook Award, he dedicates a large section to Sherry.”

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14 Dec 2014 -

6 Hands Menu with Ferrer, Modat and Chartier

Europea invites you to enjoy a special lunch menu created by none other than Stéphane Modat from the Château Frontenac, Jérôme Ferrer from Europea​, and the two chefs’ trusted companion, François Chartier.

09 Dec 2014 -

The Great Chef Challenge Ribera del Duero Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies and Cacao Barry

François Chartier “Créateur d’harmonies” and the chocolate company Cacao Barry have teamed-up to present Québec’s chefs and professional cooks the first edition of a contest inspired by the aromas of Chartier’s Ribera del Duero Chartier and the aromatic richness of Cacao Barry’s chocolates. The grand finale of this contest will be held during the Salon International des Vins et Spiritueux de Québec, on March 15, 2015, at 14 h.

02 Dec 2014 -

Glutenberg Microbrewery and Chartier «Créateur d’Harmonies» Close the Year with a Bang by Launching Two New Beers: The Myrcène de Glace and The Myrcène de Glace Brassin Spécial, The 4th and 5th Beers in the Série Gastronomie Range

Brasseurs Sans Gluten «Glutenberg» and François Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies» conclude the first year of their collaboration by presenting the 4th and 5th beers in the Série Gastronomique. Following the wildly successful Impérial Sotolon (spring), Saison Froide (summer), and Solérone d’automne (fall), the team will once more rejoice its fans with not one but two versions of their new creation, a vinified ice beer, just in time for the Holidays.

21 Nov 2014 -

El Dorado Legend Newsletter

We are pleased to share with you the fifth edition (July- Sept 2014) of our El Dorado Legend Newsletter and trust you will enjoy the exciting news we have to share about our El Dorado brand around the world.

05 Nov 2014 -

Following the immense popular success of the three new wines created by Chartier in IGA Stores, Sobeys ​-IGA​ has decided to offer the Vins Harmonies range of wines in ​​additional retail outlets​: ​Rachelle-Béry, Les Marchés Traditions and Bonichoix.

Following the immense popular success of the three new wines created by Chartier in IGA Stores, Sobeys has decided to offer the Vins Harmonies range of wines in additional retail outlets beginning on October 25th, namely at Rachelle-Béry, Les Marchés Traditions and Bonichoix.

29 Oct 2014 -

World-premiere presentation of Kim Nguyen’s The Empire of Scents, a movie inspired by François Chartier’s book Taste Buds and Molecules, at Montreal’s RIDM

Québec director Kim Nguyen, whose movie War Witch (Rebelle) was nominated at the Oscars in 2014, will have the honour of officially opening the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) on November 12, 2014, with his new film, The Empire of Scents, a documentary film inspired by the best seller Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food With Wine written by François Chartier Créateur d’harmonies.

21 Oct 2014 -

The 2015 Lapeyrie head over heels for Chartier’s Toscana!

Wine columnist Philippe Lapeyrie has fallen head over heels with Chartier’s Toscana (available year-round at SAQ) and featured it in the 2015 edition of his Guide des Vins Le Lapeyrie, which landed in bookstores on Oct. 14th. As additional proof of this, Chartier’s Toscana was the wine Lapeyrie chose to serve his guests at the book’s launch, in Quebec City.

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21 Sep 2014 -

Chartier reveals the third label from his new range of wines!

Following the reveal of the first two labels of his new Les Vins Harmonies range of wines, Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies» reveals the third label for his Italian red wine christened Le Clou de Basile. Created “by and for food”, this new high quality wine will be available exclusively in all IGA stores on September 25, pushing even further the boundaries of the wine and food pairing concept.

18 Sep 2014 -

Chartier reveals the first label from his new range of wines!

A revolution is taking place in the wine section of IGA stores! François Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies» has created a second range of wines: LES VINS HARMONIES. Starting September 25, this new range of high quality European wines created “by and for food” will be available in all IGA stores exclusively, therefore pushing even further the boundaries of the wine and food pairing concept.

07 Sep 2014 -

La segunda edicion del Barcelona Wine & Culinary International Forum

El próximo 28 de septiembre se celebra la segunda edición del Wine & Culinary International Forum, un evento bienal organizado por Bodegas Torres y la Fundación Dieta Mediterránea, dirigido a profesionales y en el que participan reconocidos sumilleres, bodegueros, cocinero.

29 Aug 2014 -

New gastronomic beer crafted for food by Chartier & Glutenberg

Saison Froide is a Belgian-inspired creation. Thoroughly fragrant, dry and refreshing, it was developed using ingredients dominated by “cold-tasting” aromatic components (molecules): Anethole, Estragole, Eugenol, Limonene. Fresh basil, Japanese Sansho pepper, Mexican blue agave syrup and Nelson Sauvin and Columbus Hops are part of its recipe.

28 Aug 2014 -

Chartier's Wines Still Under 20 Dollars!

Keeping his range of wines at an affordable price was always a priority for François Chartier, and in keeping with this objective, he has personally absorbed the recent tax hike, which came in effect last August 1

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21 Aug 2014 -

A music and tasting happy hour with two "créateur d'harmonies": a summit meeting between flamenco guitarist CAROLINE PLANTÉ and FRANÇOIS CHARTIER «Créateur d’harmonies».

As the opening act for a concert by Ramito de Suspiros, this Happy Hour event will allow the public to witness the birth of a musical harmonic creation by renowned composer and guitarist Caroline Planté. This piece of music was directly inspired by the aromas and flavors of Chartier’s Ribera del Duero, a Spanish red wine elaborated by Québec’s world-class sommelier, François Chartier «Créateur d’harmonies».

20 May 2014 -

CBC Radio: The perfect Rosé wine

Award winning sommelier and cookbook author François Chartier just launched his sixth wine at the SAQ – Le Rose de Chartier.

23 Apr 2014 -

Chartier's visual identity finalist at The One Club awards

After winning the top award at Grand Prix Grafika 2014, the visual identity of Chartier Créateur d’harmonies’ range of 6 wines is once again in the limelight. This visual signature was created by Sid Lee and is among the finalists in the Design category at the prestigious One Club Awards in New York. More […]

14 Apr 2014 -

Enthusiasm runs high for the Chartier wines available at SAQ

Renowned sommelier François Chartier launched his own range of wines last fall, and already, his first four creations are on the SAQ’s best-sellers list. In the past 6 months, at least 80 000 bottles have been sold of his four wines — two reds and a white from France, as well as an Italian red. This Tuscan IGT is the most popular of the four with over 24 000 bottles sold. In terms of dollar sales, Chartier’s Tuscan ranks 25th on the list of best sellers in the province.

10 Apr 2014 -

Le Devoir’s wine critic praises the new Chartier wine now available at SAQ

Ribera del Duero 2012, Chartier, Spain ($19.95, SAQ  #12246622) For this wine, the renowned sommelier has collaborated with bodegas Arrocal to create a most civilized version of the local tinta del pais that expresses itself freely with an obviously joyous fruitiness and, above all, that measures up guilt-free to its barrel aging, yeilding a tight […]

25 Mar 2014 -

Glutenberg Microbrewery and Chartier “Créateur d’harmonies” present Série Gastronomie a range of gourmet beers crafted specifically for the table

It is with boundless enthusiasm that Glutenberg, Québec’s gluten-free microbrewery, has teamed up with François Chartier “Créateur d’harmonies” to present the, a full range of gourmet beers created and crafted specifically for food pairing. Inspired by François Chartier’s research as well as his worldwide best seller Taste Buds and Molecules, Glutenberg thought it would be […]

19 Nov 2013 -

​Wine Spectator on Chartier’s new Wines

Where No Wine Has Gone Before: Unfiltered readers who also enjoy a taste of wine nerdiness might recognize the names François Chartierand Pascal Chatonnet, the former for his work on the science of flavor, most famously in Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food and Wine and the latter for enological studies pertaining to pesticides at Lab […]

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06 Nov 2013 -

Chartier’s recipes meet their match in Domaine Pinnacle’s cider

BY JULIAN ARMSTRONG, SPECIAL TO THE GAZETTE Sommelier François Chartier has joined forces with Domaine Pinnacle, an Eastern Townships cider maker, to design cider and food pairings in a 10-recipe booklet called Saveurs d’ici. Both recipes and pairings are lively. Examples include pork flank braised with Scotch whisky and spices, to be served with maple […]

05 Nov 2013 -

Domaine Pinnacle presents original recipes by «Chartier créateur d’harmonies»

Established in Frelighsburg, Québec, Domaine Pinnacle has asked CHARTIER Créateur d’harmonies to created recipes that incorporate some of their wildly popular products, locally and abroad, such as the Ungava Premium Dry Gin. Already, a booklet of some of those recipes — created by Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies and his friend and collaborator Stéphane Modat, chef of […]

21 Oct 2013 -

Drink Chartier!

It’s done! Once again, François Chartier reinvents himself. This incredibly talented man never ceases to amaze with his creativity and audacity!


Quebec’s star sommelier takes pairings to the next level

He’s a bestselling author with his book Taste Buds and Molecules. He has done groundbreaking research in food and wine pairing. He has worked alongside one of the world’s most renowned chefs, El Bulli’s Ferran Adrià. And now François Chartier, Quebec’s best-known wine personality, has become a négoçiant/winemaker. A few weeks ago, the SAQ released four wines under the banner “Chartier, créateur d’harmonies.”

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Nick Hamilton praises the Chartier range of wines

Starting on October 3, SAQ will launch a new range of 16 products under the Cellier new arrivals banner, of which the first four wines created by renowned sommelier François Chartier will be a part. (…)

04 Oct 2013 -

Chartier’s vintages

“[…] His Tuscany red, built with sangiovese, merlot and cabernet was without a doubt my favorite of this tasting with its seductive nose filled with roasted fruit, plums and leather…”

27 Sep 2013 -

Gault et Millau lauds Chartier’s range of wines

Here is a magnificent 2 page spread written by Christophe Casazza that was published in the September issue of the prestigious French gastronomical magazine Gault et Millau. A beautiful summary on the Chartier range of wines and its history! The books, aromatic science, Taste Buds and Molecules, elBulli, the documentary… It’s all there!

09 Sep 2013 -

The Flavor Connection

Scientific American, the world-renowned science publication, has published an article that proves the soundness of the aromatic harmonies and molecular sommellerie science instigated by François Chartier in 2004. This approach created by Chartier revealed the aromatic synergy between different foods and between foods and liquids and was published in his founding book Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food and Wine.

05 Sep 2013 -

El Dorado sacred finest rums in the world!

The El Dorado rum (Demerara Distillers), from Guyana, have won in June 2013 the world’s highest honors at the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Challenge (IWSC) competition.

24 May 2010 -

The Followers of Bacchus on Taste Buds and Molecules

François Chartier once again demonstrates that he is in a class of his own when it comes to harmonizing foods and meals. In the history of humanity, there has always been people who have known how to innovate, think out of the box, and go beyond the beaten path in order to provide us with […]