Nick Hamilton praises the Chartier range of wines

Oct 7, 2013

Starting on October 3, SAQ will launch a new range of 16 products under the Cellier new arrivals banner, of which the first four wines created by renowned sommelier François Chartier will be a part. (…)

The Chartier selection: well composed wines
The Chartier range of wines is composed of four very well thought-out, perfectly balanced and medium intensity vintages. Elaborated around a rather delicate and elegant structure, they are prime examples of two characteristics that are at the vanguard of popular wines nowadays: drinkability and digestibility!
Wine of the week: Toscana Rosso 2009 Toscana Rosso IGT, Chartier Créateur d’Harmonies, Italy
The most accomplished and seductive in the Chartier selection, this wine is reminiscent of good Chianti that is both traditional (its nose) and modern (the ripeness of the fruit). This medium bodied and elegant Tuscan has a respectable persistence and its complex nose has fruity, animal and floral notes. A Chianti chicken would work wonders with this wine.
Nick Hamilton is a wine critic for Voir and for the website Les Conseillers du Vin