Watching the Moon

Sep 1, 2023

The first porcelain SAKE #DECANTER designed for sake crafted for wine lovers

◆Idea & concept by François Chartier, sake master blender at TANAKA 1789 X CHARTIER, Japan.

◆Final design and clay modeling by Yasushi Fukagawa #Japan

François CHARTIER, master blender of #sake is proud to announce on this special #BlueMoon day that #FUKAGAWA Seiji Japanese master of porcelain for 129 years and official supplier to the Japanese Imperial House since 1910, has agreed for the rare time since the founding of this legendary house, to collaborate with Tanaka 1789 X Chartier, a luxury sake line crafted for wine lovers, by Chartier, at the Tanaka Shuzo brewery, with its 234-year heritage.

For this unique art craft François #Chartier shared with the founder, Yasushi Fukugawa, his vision of the ideal shape of a decanter to magnify his blended sakes for wine lovers, which M. Fukagawa himself has magnified to make an exclusive collector’s item.

Another Chartier first in the history of Japanese sake.

A first in the history of Japanese sake.