Pure Creativity

Feb 21, 2020

Francois Chartier is a globetrotting sommelier from Quebec now based in Barcelona. He is best known for the revolutionary approach to wine pairing and recipe creativity he outlined in his book Taste Buds and Molecules—The art and science of food, wine and flavor. As an advisor to the elBulli team, this “Createur d’harmonies” who crafted his own brand of European wines designed for food matching was recently invited to elaborate a new range of sake products in Japan. But his sakes are likely to differ from traditional styles, as Chartier is not afraid to transform the codified Japanese world of this traditional drink. As if that was not enough, he just started a new project with SONY Corporation in Tokyo, creating a dialogue between artificial intelligence (AI), robotics cooking and his aromatic science of “Molecular Harmony.” It will be an unusual and inspiring journey, if ever there was one! This, too, is what SOMM360 allows: opportunities to meet sommeliers who have opted for totally groundbreaking careers.