Chartier World Lab holds the first-ever chair in gastronomy and aromas at the University of Barcelona

Nov 5, 2021

The Food Campus will host the chair that will promote teaching, research and knowledge transfer based on the aromatic science of molecular harmonies created in 2002 by François Chartier. 

Barcelona, November 3rd, 2021 – Chartier World Lab Barcelona, an inclusive and multidisciplinary center devoted to the research and development of innovative projects in gastronomy, aromas and the science of molecular harmonies, and the University of Barcelona have presented the Chair of Gastronomy and Aromas which will be taught at the prestigious University of Barcelona, specifically at the Food Campus. This will be the first chair in the history of the university that will combine both subjects.

The evolution of gastronomy has led to the use of the scientific method to understand the processes, develop products, and innovate both in haute cuisine restaurants and in research and development centers. This knowledge must be shared from teachers to students so that they can follow this path. Following this line, Chartier World Lab Barcelona, led by François Chartier and Isabelle Moren, and the University of Barcelona have reached an agreement to develop this chair that will run for 4 years.

The Torribera Food Campus, which currently concentrates many researchers and groups in the field of food and gastronomy, will host the chair that was created to promote teaching, research, and university transfer in the field of gastronomy with the development of courses, workshops, awards, and research grants. The Campus was created to provide society with a structure to offer a quality environment dedicated to reflection and knowledge in the field of food and gastronomy. 

The activities of the Chair consist of a biannual course on gastronomy, aromas, and the aromatic science of molecular harmonies. It will also offer a collaboration scholarship for the incorporation into research of students who wish to pursue an official master’s degree included in the PhD Program in Food and Health.

In addition, workshops on gastronomy will be held biannually, focusing on topics related to the research areas of Chartier World Lab Barcelona.

This initiative, primarily based on training, will also be complemented by new areas of research that will allow the development of R&D projects in gastronomy within the university sector.


Chartier World Lab

Based in Barcelona, its main objective is researching, creating, and incubating new concepts and innovative products fueled by the influence of the aromatic science of molecular harmonies of François Chartier, internationally regarded as one of the top expert in aromas, one of the leading researchers in the creation of recipes and harmonies of wines and foods and author of twenty seven books, such as Taste Buds and Molecules, best cookbook in the world in 2010 and L’Essentiel de Chartier, best cookbook in 2016.

Torribera Food Campus (University of Barcelona)

This campus hosts the bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and the part corresponding to the University of Barcelona’s Bachelor’s degree in Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences, as well as part of the master’s degrees in Food Safety and Food Development and Innovation, the master’s degree in Nutrition in Physical Activity and Sports and the postgraduate degree in Nutritional Coaching and New Approaches to Patient Care. 

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