CHOCOLATE X WINE ; a collaboration by Ramon Morato (creative director Cacao Barry) and François Chartier "Créateur d'harmonies"

May 22, 2017

In this new bulletin from Cacao Barry (, we would like to present the result of the collaboration that started a few months ago between the Canadian “Créateur d’harmonies”, sommelier and world champion François Chartier and the creative team of Cacao Barry.
In September, François Chartier presented the results of his aromatic science to the renowned pastry arts association Relais Desserts ( during its international seminar in Yssingeaux (France) together with Philippe Bertrand and Ramon Morató.
In October, François Chartier and Ramon Morató repeated the experience and presented the results of their latest experiments during the prestigious Wine & Culinary International Forum in Barcelona (
Further details and recipes of their collaboration are given in this document. Also, more researches results from Chartier’s science applied on Cacao Barry chocolates will come soon. Stay tuned and enjoy chocolate!