Sony Corporation and François Chartier present the project “Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Cooking”

Mar 26, 2019

Invited by Sony Corporation Japan in Austin-Texas, at the South by South West festival, the Canadian Créateur d’harmonies François Chartier presented, on March 9th, his science of harmonies and molecular sommellerie, and discussed Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Cooking with the two great scientists from Sony Corporation, Mr Masahiro Fujita and Mr Michael Spranger.

This conference lasts an hour and a half.

Once on the link page below, you have to scroll down to STAGE EVENTS TIMETABLE, then, at DAY 2, click on
Can AI x Robotics x Cooking drive a new food culture and gastronomic creativity?

There is a 10-minute question-and-answer question for three at the beginning, then François Chartier’s lecture (in English) begins (for a duration of more or less 30 minutes), then after a few exchanges on AI & Robotics Cooking , with Masahiro Fujita, Michael Spranger and François Chartier, then finally tasting of chocolates that François Chartier created for the occasion, with the great Catalan chocolatier, Enric Rovira, in harmony with a junmai sake and a tequila reposado.