Drink Chartier!

Oct 21, 2013

By Jessica Harnois, CasaTv blog
It’s done! Once again, François Chartier reinvents himself. This incredibly talented man never ceases to amaze with his creativity and audacity! “Créateur d’harmonies”, no less, and fully deserved. He didn’t reinvent the wheel; a food and wine pairing remains just that, no matter how simple or complex. Yet, for the average person, the language of sommeliers can sometimes be close to gibberish!
As for the quality of his wines, I was expecting nothing less coming from two experts such as François Chartier and renowned Bordeaux oenologist Pascal Chatonnet. After tasting all four of his creations, I was enamored by his excellent Italian blend. Composed mainly from sangiovese (75%), a gorgeous Italian varietal that is very masculine and rich, it is what one could call a young “super Tuscan”. A hint of cabernet sauvignon (20%) brings a touch of black fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant) and an herby nose that is quite reminiscent of rosemary. As for the merlot, it brings a nice rounded texture in the finale that reminded my of the famous Cherry Blossom candy; cherry flavored chocolate. Delicious with grilled meat; we tried it and it’s a complete success!