L’épicé noir

  • T° de service
  • Conservation
  • Alcool
  • Format
  • Cépages
  • 16 ºC-17 ºC (15 minutes in the fridge)
  • Serve within five years of purchase.
  • 13,5 %
  • 750 ml
  • 100 % Garnacha old vines 45-65 years old

Selected, blended and aged by François Chartier at Bodegas Isaac Fernandez, Spain.

Complementary ingredients for a successful harmony

This vintage pairs beautifully with all types of grilled foods, whether it’s meat, fish or vegetables, as well as chipotle-based or BBQ sauces, dark chocolate, sesame, strawberries, ginger, tarragon, coffee, bell pepper, cloves, beet, vanilla, smoked paprika, and many more.


L’Épicé Noir, that François Chartier created with two of his Spanish winemaker friends, Aurelio Cabestrero and Isaac Fernandez, comes from very old Garnacha vines that grow on iron-laden clay hillsides (ferruginous clays) of the Moncayo mountains, 700 meters above sea level, hence the freshness of the fruit and tannins of this vintage. The grapes are handpicked, and the wine is fermented and aged in stainless tanks, and not barrel aged. The climate of the Campo de Borja appellation is continental, with a Mediterranean influence during the summer and from the Atlantic during winter, causing the remarkable “Cierzo”, a northwesterly wind that is cold and dry. These peculiar conditions give this wine its unique characteristics that distinguish it from other wine producing regions of Spain.

There are often major temperature fluctuations, both daily and seasonally, and some of them are extreme. Rainfall is extremely low. The predominant soil type in this appellation is brown limestone on slopes and terraces with medium stoniness (but better on the hills of Moncayo, where this wine originates) and the vineyards have good drainage, with an average level of organic matter.


This red comes from the exceptional 2014 vintage and is very aromatic, ample, juicy, almost plump, with smooth tannins, no woody notes and it is chock-full of red fruit and spices.

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