Le Clou de Basile

  • T° de service
  • Conservation
  • Alcool
  • Format
  • Cépages
  • 18 °C-19 °C
  • Serve within 5 years of purchase.
  • 14 %
  • 750 ml
  • 75 % sangiovese, 20 % merlot, 5 % cabernet

Selected, blended and aged by François Chartier at PETRA Wines, Loc. S. Lorenzo Alto 131, 57028 SUVERETO (Li), Italy

Complementary ingredients for a successful harmony

Pair this Sangiovese with your favorite recipes which include one or more of these ingredients: beef, duck, steak spices, basil, blackcurrants, cinnamon, cranberries, bluefin tuna, plums, cloves, baked mozzarella, tomato sauce, game, bacon, wild rice, roasted root vegetables, and many more.


“When I tasted the various lots at Petra Wines, in the hills of Maremma, the southwestern part of Tuscany, Pascal Chatonnet pointed me to the magnificent 2011 vintage which had exactly the aromatic profile I was looking for. This allowed me, once the selection and assembling were completed, to create a wine that could hardly be more typical of a Tuscan Sangiovese, yet retaining a lot of freshness, despite its textured breadth. We aged it for twelve months in vats and a certain amount of one-year-old and two-year-old oak barrels which allowed us to avoid a woody dominance. This is Tuscan Sangiovese at its best”, says François Chartier.


Elaborated from the excellent 2011 vintage, this Tuscan red originates from terroirs located in the Maremma region, southwest of Siena and Florence, just south of Bolgheri, which is home to some of Italy’s most prestigious wines. It was selected by Chartier and elaborated in collaboration with the prestigious Italian producer Petra. Its main varietal, the Sangiovese, is completed by Merlot and Cabernet, which gives it a complex and expressive aromatic profile that is remarkably rich and evocative of plum, coffee, licorice and basil. The attack is almost luscious, the texture is velvety, the tannins are round and the flavors are long-lasting. This wine could hardly be any more Italian! Drink before 2016, serve between 18 °C-19 °C. A sure-fire hit when served with sundried tomatoes pesto pasta, as well as with beef loin seasoned with steak spices.

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