La Pêche Mignonne

  • T° de service
  • Conservation
  • Alcool
  • Format
  • Cépages
  • 14 °C-15 °C (cool rather than cold)
  • Serve within three years of purchase.
  • 12,5 %
  • 750 ml
  • 40 % chardonnay, 40 % grenache, 10 % rolle, 5 % roussanne, 5 % marsanne

Selected, blended and aged by François Chartier at Clos des Augustins, 111, chemin de la Vieille, 34270 Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers, France. Available at IGA stores.

Complementary ingredients for a successful harmony

This blend is perfect for your favourite recipes that include one or more of these ingredients: apricot, peach, honey, coconut, camembert and brie cheeses, brown rice, pecans, maple syrup, pork, salmon, lobster, shellfish, pineapple, yellow apple, butter, caramelized onions, curry powder, and many others.

Guaranteed success served with pork tenderloin with a fruit sauce (apricot/peach) or with soft, flowery rind cheeses with a few grilled pecans, among others.


This wine comes mainly from the Pic Saint-Loup DOC, but also from neighbouring areas that are not DOC. It is blended using Grenache blanc grown on conglomerates, Chardonnay grown on marly limestone and Rolle (Vermentino) planted on argilocalcareous soils. Note that the Mézy family works in biodynamics at Domaine Clos des Augustins. The Chardonnay and Rolle were vinified in casks on fine lees, while Grenache blanc from old vines (45 years and older) was vinified in casks, on lees, for 6 months. At the very end of the blending process, a new barrel of Chardonnay was added to the whole batch to magnify the sought-after aromatic trail and thus produce what François Chartier calls “a white for red wine lovers”.


This is literally a white wine for red wine lovers! Both rich and supple, full yet mineral, this wine leads directly to the aromatic trail of peach, apricot, walnut, honey, and coconut. It offers complexity, refinement and drinking pleasure, and is at its best when served cool rather than cold (14 °C-15 °C), ideally after a short decanting time (5 minutes).

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