Le Rosé de Chartier 2017 Pays d’Oc I.G.P., Chartier Créateur d’harmonies

  • Millésime
  • T° de service
  • Conservation
  • Cépages
  • 2017
  • 12 °C
  • Serve within three (3) years of the vintage.
  • 60 % cinsault (old vines), 30 % grenache noir, 10 % syrah

Selected, blended, aged and bottled in France by François Chartier at Clos des Augustins, Pic Saint-Loup (Languedoc), France.

“This vintage, which I created with my colleague, oenologist Pascal Chatonnet at the Clos des Augustins, an estate located in the Pic Saint-Loup appellation, was born from the excellent 2017 Languedoc vintage. This rosé is just as sustained as the three previous vintages, all of which are of outstanding quality; this one is denser, a true Provencal-style rosé. It is deep and complex thanks to a good proportion of 60-year-old Cinsault vines, completed with 30 % old Grenache with brilliant fruit and 10 % Syrah, which guarantees a subtle spicy, floral, tonic and silky signature”, explains François Chartier.

Complementary foods 

Chartier’s idea here is to create a gastronomic rosé, designed and elaborated to match the fragrant foods of summer cuisine. This rosé can also evolve over two years in the bottle; allowing it to gain in aromatic complexity and texture to facilitate harmonies with the heartier cuisines of autumn and winter. This rosé will go wonderfully well with your favourite recipes that include one or more of these ingredients: salmon and trout, shrimp and scampies, squid and octopus, tuna, fresh and dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grilled potatoes and vegetables, bean sprouts, grilled white meats, saffron, basil, pink grapefruit juice, peanuts, grilled sesame oil, olive oil, paprika, chili pepper (sweet smoked paprika), Espelette pepper, hot pepper.


Most of the grapes come from the Pic Saint-Loup AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) and certain neighbouring areas. The Mezy family’s Clos des Augustins estate, cultivated using biodynamic methods, is rich in terroirs; some are warmer, with red clay on rolled pebbles, which allows superb fruit ripening on the vine, despite the very cool nights in this region located north of Montpellier. Young and old vines planted on different types of terroirs make up this vintage, which is the result of direct pressing and special aging, in order to give it that patina in the mouth that distinguishes it from most rosés. As with all wines signed by Chartier, Bordeaux oenologist Pascal Chatonnet took part in all stages of the work; winegrowers and oenologists Frédéric and Pauline Mezy also worked on the elaboration of this wine.


Born of the excellent 2017 vintage, this fifth vintage of Chartier Rosé is once again very aromatic (red flowers, red fruits, honey), textured and supple. This rosé proves to be one of the best value for money, in line with the four previous vintages of this wine.


Alain Lebel, Les Fidèles de Bacchus Magazine (April 2, 2016): “I still have a lot of rosé wines to evaluate, but this one (2015) is so far a serious candidate for the rosé of the year! The evolution of François Chartier’s wines, both in terms of container and content, is very impressive. I will tell you more about it soon.” Chartier, Le Rosé 2015 (12253099) Price: $ 19.00

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