Damm is one of the largest breweries in Spain, the number one brewer in Catalonia, and a true symbol of the city of Barcelona.

In 2008, the team from Damm asked the legendary chef Ferran Adrià and the elBulli group (voted “Best Restaurant in the World” five times) to create a first gourmet beer, a challenge brilliantly met by the famous chef and his renowned sommelier Ferran Centelles. This beer, named Inedit, was an immediate success and is now distributed in about a hundred countries.

Ten years after the creation of Inedit, Damm wanted to develop a series of specialty beers in the same vein. Ferran Adrià and his team were busy with their elBulli Foundation project, so they suggested that Damm contact François Chartier.

A long love affair between François Chartier and beer

“When the brewery contacted me and made its proposal, I said yes with excitement and emotion,” explains the creator of harmonies. Chartier’s passion for beer is not new since it is through this passion that he came to wine! “Thirty-five years ago, I owned a bistro selling imported beers,” he says. “I didn’t know anything about beer, but I developed a taste for it at the time, as well as the world of wine, which I later immersed myself in.”

EQUILATER : Damm by Chartier

Damm’s head brewer and François Chartier have been working hard for several months (between 2019 and 2020) to create Damm’s newest gourmet beer, EQUILATER – its name was unveiled at its launch in October 2020 (initially planned for April, but postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis), in Barcelona. Ten years after the unveiling of the elBulli team’s Inedit, to which Chartier had been invited with his elBulli colleagues, it is now his turn to sign a gourmet beer for the prestigious Barcelona brewery! “This is what we call coming full circle! And I also see it as a great gift,” comments the creator of harmonies, who doesn’t want to reveal anything before September about the character of his new creation inspired by his aromatic science: EQUILATER, the first gastronomic Mediterranean STOUT inspired by the principles of molecular harmonies.

Bière gastronomique Chartier


To sum up François Chartier’s universe is to describe a rich and abundant career that touches on science as much as it does on gastronomy or the creation of new alcohols. Not to mention unique partnerships with the world’s great chefs, scientists, and producers!

Les vins Chartier


Since 2011, François Chartier has been using his experience and knowledge to produce his own line of wines. These wines are selected and blended “by and for” the pleasures of the table. It is a unique approach and a know-how that he tirelessly refines, with the support of his partners. Chartier wines are authentic and they respect the signature of each appellation.



François Chartier presents a first sake created for Tanaka 1789 from an assembly. The notion of blend is innovative, not to say downright audacious in the highly codified universe of this venerable beverage; once again, the creator of harmonies innovates!