The great Barcelona brewery Damm is taking advantage of François Chartier’s expertise to broaden the range of its gourmet beers. After Chef Ferran Adrià and his Inedit, the “creator of harmonies” takes up the challenge with brio by elaborating a new beer designed and brewed for new and unique gastronomic experiences. Let us bet that a new brewing revolution is underway once again, thanks to the aromatic science of the Quebec creator.

Damm recently asked François Chartier to create a gastronomic beer. The Damm Brewery was founded in Barcelona in 1876 and created the first Mediterranean-style lager (with a lighter style than Nordic beers). It is one of the most important companies in Spain and now makes more than twenty different styles of beer. It also produces bottled water and several other beverages.

As early as 2008, Damm collaborated with chef Ferran Adrià, from the famous elBulli restaurant, to produce an exceptional beer. The result, L’Inedit, is now distributed in more than 90 countries. Its great success showed the Spanish brewer that there are still new avenues to explore when it comes to producing gourmet beers.

Chartier’s aromatic universe at the service of a unique beer

Damm’s put all its resources at François Chartier’s disposal for the elaboration of a signature gastronomic beer. Our aroma expert chose to create a beer that could go just as well with a Peruvian fish ceviche as with a squab breast with demi-glace jus emulsified with dark chocolate. Chartier therefore wants to elaborate a beer of great versatility, by taking different aromatic paths of creativity, an approach that would appeal both to gourmet purists and the most hardened oenophiles!

A new type of beer…

Putting his molecular science at the service of the brewer, the “creator of harmonies” achieves this feat by taking as a starting point a beer of a well-known classic type (to be unveiled at the launch, scheduled for mid-October 2020), increasing, magnifying and multiplying it with his science of molecular harmonies. We can understand the logic of this approach since the type of beer on which François Chartier has built this new creation has several very obvious dominant molecules. Our flavour expert chooses three of them in order to develop the aromatic complexity of this gastronomic cuvée, and to give it a Mediterranean profile (with ingredients available in Spain and typical of the Mediterranean basin). The final result is a gastronomic beer of great aromatic complexity.

Come back to this news in mid-October, when the aromatic and gastronomic trails of this great beer will be unveiled.

A source of inspiration for Damm

François Chartier’s science and expertise have been a great inspiration for the company. The brewery hopes to renew this collaborative experience by opening new possibilities, whether for the creation, marketing (ingredient scheme, promotion of the natural synergy between beer and food), commercialization or communication of its beer.

The collaboration between Damm and François Chartier in creating a classic beer that is both gastronomic and distinctive will be presented in a world premiere in Barcelona in October 2020.