DOP Ron de Guatemala, Zacapa

The iconic rum house Zacapa, in Guatemala, commissioned the Chartier World LAB to conduct a molecular analysis of the aromatic profile of 3 different rums in order to define their gastronomic DNA and thus associate them with ingredients and cuisines of the world.

Chefs Mugaritz

Alvaro Palacios

The acclaimed Spanish wine producer Alvaro Palacios, named Decanter’s Man of The Year in 2015 by the British magazine Decanter (among many other honors!), called on François Chartier to conduct a scientific laboratory analysis of his wines.


D.O. Cava became the first European designation of origin to call upon an expert in aromatic science to demonstrate, through an exhaustive laboratory analysis, the numerous possibilities of gastronomic pairings with its sparkling wines. Another unique experience for François Chartier, a consultant for the greatest, allowing him to push his research even further and deepen his expertise!
Chefs Mugaritz
Chartier AI conf

Damm Equilater

The great Barcelona brewery Damm is taking advantage of François Chartier’s expertise to broaden the range of its gourmet beers. After Chef Ferran Adrià and his Inedit, the “creator of harmonies” takes up the challenge with brio by elaborating a new beer designed and brewed for new and unique gastronomic experiences. It seems a new brewing revolution is underway, thanks to aromatic science: Equilater Stout Beer is born.

Tanaka saké

Daring as always, François Chartier was called to Japan to revolutionize the world of sake, becoming, since 2017, “master blender” of one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan.
Chartier dos palillos
chefs wynn Chartier

vardon kennett

When Miguel A. Torres, patriarch of the influential Torres family, wanted to create a memorable sensory experience for the launch of his first Catalan sparkling wine, Cuvée Vardon Kennett Esplendor, he called upon François Chartier.