Professorial Chair, University of Barcelona

– Gastronomy and Aromas –

Chartier World LAB Barcelona

The Chartier World LAB Barcelona will also use its Universitat de Barcelona “Gastronomía y Aromas” Professorial Chair, set up on November 3, 2021. It is the first chair in gastronomy in the history of this university founded in 1450 and it stems from the cooperation between the Chartier World LAB and the Campus de l’Alimentació de Torribera (University of Barcelona) with the aim of promoting a series of activities aimed at highlighting teaching The program includes workshops, an extension of the university course, a biannual creativity and innovation challenge competition and an annual research grant.

Finally, the Chartier World LAB Barcelona had already begun working with the University of Barcelona, in 2020, with the launch of a study project on the reuse and revaluation of the lees of DO Cava sparkling wines in the production of natural yeast to make bread and its derivatives. This cooperation took the form of a thesis, supported by the Chartier World LAB Barcelona, developed by the doctoral student Alba Martín Garcia (who has since gone to work at the Chartier World LAB Barcelona) and directed by Montserrat Riu of the Wines, Flavors and Quality Factors Research Group at INSA-UB.


The Chartier World LAB Chair in Flavor and Gastronomy would not exist without the people involved on behalf of the University of Barcelona, the Chartier World LAB and the collaboration of the Quebec Government Office in Barcelona. Thanks to Isabelle Dessureault (head of the Barcelona office) for placing her trust in our projects.  

Directors and researchers associated with the Chair:

Director: Axel Bidon-Chanal Badia, Research Associate, University of Barcelona

– Dr. M. Carmen Vidal Carou

– Dr. Montserrat Riu Aumatell

– Dr. Marta Vila Rigat

– Mr. Xavier Torrado Prat

– Ms Montserrat Illan Villanueva

– Mr. Víctor Quintillà Imbernon

– Mr. Ismael Prados Soto

– Dr. Bernat Guixer Mañé

– Dr Sandra Lozano Rubio…

Chartier World LAB Barcelona team :

– François Chartier, Founding President.

– Isabelle Moren; Co-founder and Vice-President.

– Nicolas Roché; Co-founder and Project Director.

– Pere Castells Esqué PhD; Scientific Consultant.

– Alba Martín PhD; collaborator in food science, fermentation and oenology.

-Maria del Mar Roura; Sales and Marketing Director.

-Marie-José Lamy: Senior Strategic Advisor.


The Torribera Food Campus was created in response to the University of Barcelona’s desire to offer society a quality environment dedicated to reflection and knowledge in the fields of food and gastronomy. It concentrates teaching, research and transfer activities in the field of nutrition, food science and gastronomy at the University of Barcelona. It is on this campus that the degrees in Food Science and Technology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and the part of the degree in Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences of the University of Barcelona are taught, as well as part of the university’s master’s degree in Food Safety and Food Development and Innovation and the UB’s specific master’s degree in Nutrition in Physical Activity and Sport and the postgraduate course in Nutrition Coaching and New Approaches to Patient Care.