Referring to his aromatic science of molecular harmonies, François Chartier works on multiple concepts where the aromatic synergy of fragrances operates, allowing him to obtain singular results. Without forgetting his ability to “see what others don’t see”, thus Smell to see Picasso! Another example: innovating by magnifying the traditional wine list to make a playful box of aromas of wines and other drinks from around the world, transformed for the occasion into so many molecules that intoxicate the mind even before the glass touches the lips! We have known for a long time that smell is our most powerful sense, generating strong images by drawing on our most distant memories. Through the sense of smell, François Chartier allows you more than ever to “see” what others do not “smell”.

carte aromatique

Aromatic Menu – Sofia Be So Restaurant

In 2017, the Sofia Hotel, near the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona, asked François Chartier to develop a new concept for the Be So, its new high-end restaurant – and soon all over the world.

Smell to see Picasso

When Barcelona’s famous Picasso Museum prepared its Picasso’s Kitchen exhibition, François Chartier was asked to create an exciting and unique adventure. His mandate was to develop an aromatic sensory journey focusing on 10 pieces of Picasso’s sculptures and paintings with a culinary theme.

sentir Picasso Chartier
aromastic Chartier


Sony approached François Chartier to develop a variety of uses for its personal fragrance diffuser, the Aromastic. After making music “portable” with the Walkman, Sony is now doing the same with fragrances.