​Wine Spectator on Chartier’s new Wines

Nov 19, 2013

1468621_10151835838193757_1784616724_nWhere No Wine Has Gone Before:
Unfiltered readers who also enjoy a taste of wine nerdiness might recognize the names François Chartierand Pascal Chatonnet, the former for his work on the science of flavor, most famously in Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food and Wine and the latter for enological studies pertaining to pesticides at Lab Excell in Bordeaux. While Chatonnet is an estate owner, it seemed only a matter of time before Chartier would branch out into wine, and this fall, he will. “After traveling the world’s vineyards for 25 years and tasting over 60,000 wines, followed by an incredible amount of research into the world’s foods and cuisine, let’s just say the fruit was ripe for the picking!” he announced in a press release. Wines Cuvées Chartier will launch with four bottles, chosen after careful consideration for vineyards, winemakers and assemblage techniques (with Chatonnet assisting): a Merlot-dominated Fronsac from Bordeaux, a Côtes du Rhône red, a Tuscan Sangiovese and a Chardonnay/Grenache Blanc-based Languedoc white. The bottles are each meant to represent one of the aromatic “families” Chartier has identified, making them ideal pairings for certain foods. Chartier, a man with pans on many burners, is also creating a documentary based on Taste Buds and Molecules with Oscar-nominated director Kim Nguyen. (…)